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You know guys, from this time that i have been away from DA... I have been doubting myself more than i should and more and more bad stuff has been piling onto my list of crap. Frankly i... i feel as if one tiny little thing is going to throw me over the edge just like it did before and this time i won't be coming back. I would give you some examples but this the internet not my diary. And this massive art block i was just going through can be traced all the way back to this stupid emotional mess in my head. When my parents ask me to talk about it the only thing i am able to say is "im done"
same with my friends
and family
i just don't know what to do anymore. i was told to keep drawing, keep writing music, keep playing piano and violin, focus on school, focus on friends, 
Because even after i do all those things, even after i feel as though i patched things up with my parents
i'm just done...

And i know that "im not alone" but right now that is just a huge pile of shit.
What family am i going to turn to? Hm? My mother? The one that is causing all of this shit?
My dad? The one who laughed when the doctor said i have insomnia and told me that i don't need sleeping pills because its not insomnia its just my teenage brain...
or the friends who completely over look my emotional turmoil day after day.
the friends that forget i exist. 
the friends that complain about their mom being the worst mother in the world when 
all they have to do is go home and clean their room
while i have to go home and pull my drunk mother off the couch, pour out her beer like i'm a mother that just found her 15 year old drinking, hide her pain medication so when the addiction kicks in she'll at least have some trouble finding them, hide her cigarettes so maybe i can keep her alive for a few moments more, then go and talk my dad out of not beating her... again...

people ask me what i'm going through.... they never prepare themselves for that..... then they don't know what to say.... "oh well youre only 14 things will brighten up," "Oh well she's going to be fine, just give her some time"
i really wish i had that

but i feel like my clock is ticking faster than my mothers


i'm just
so so very done


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Animal Zammies
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United States
Hey everybody!
Now honestly I don't know how long I will be here but for now i'm staying
I have a style that is kinda weird and its constantly changing so I hope that won't confuse any one!
Well I go now, I hope you all have a good time here!

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