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Seiko and Tancho by animalzamzam Seiko and Tancho :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 0 0 Markimoooo!! And Tiny Box Tiiim!! by animalzamzam Markimoooo!! And Tiny Box Tiiim!! :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 101 2 MARKIPLIER!!! by animalzamzam MARKIPLIER!!! :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 46 3 HATAKE KAKASHI AND HIS NINJA DOGGIES by animalzamzam HATAKE KAKASHI AND HIS NINJA DOGGIES :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 4 2 Nattssuuuuu by animalzamzam Nattssuuuuu :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 7 0 Narrruuttoooo by animalzamzam Narrruuttoooo :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 4 0 WELP I DREW MYSELF by animalzamzam WELP I DREW MYSELF :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 4 1 Not finished- CORALINE OC by animalzamzam Not finished- CORALINE OC :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 9 3 i sketched by animalzamzam i sketched :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 6 2 Minori.... oops i made an OC by animalzamzam Minori.... oops i made an OC :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 5 0 OOPH by animalzamzam OOPH :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 10 5 sleeping angel ~ by animalzamzam sleeping angel ~ :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 5 0 YATA!!! - Hiro Nakamura by animalzamzam YATA!!! - Hiro Nakamura :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 5 0 Woof! by animalzamzam Woof! :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 6 0 Drawin of a wolf n stuff by animalzamzam Drawin of a wolf n stuff :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 9 2 Phoenix W. Holmes by animalzamzam Phoenix W. Holmes :iconanimalzamzam:animalzamzam 8 12


A Womanizer?~Ezio x Female!Apprentice!Reader~Pt 4
Now to clarify the above statement with a little bit more detail, this will be the last part of the A Womanizer? series, but I will still continue to write Assassin's creed fanfictions for as long as I love the franchise, which won't go away for a very long time.
So enjoy the final part of the A Womanizer? series!
You groaned in your sleep and attempted to open your eyes, only for a surge of sharp pain to force you to jolt forward and back onto the bed as you cried out in agony. You then noticed that all but your right shoulder and
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 57 8
Ezio x Reader ~ Woman I Love
You were standing outside Leonardo's shop, waiting for your friend to open. You were supposed to get a painting from him for your mother. She loved Leonardo's works, she admired him greatly. You did like Leonardo but only as a friend, and he treated you only like a sister. Besides, you had a fiance. Well... at least you had him few hours ago. Vierri always was telling you you're the most beautiful woman he have ever seen, that he's madly in love with you, that he would do everything for you and he will love you no matter what you'll do. But when you said 'no' when he asked you to... well, spread your legs, he showed his true self. Short story - he called you a whore and kicked you out of the house, saying he'd never seen more pathetic woman. It hurt you deeply, especially when he said that you're sleeping with everyone around. You had not, you were even a virgin. But Vierri didn't care, he didn't stop telling lies about you. And now here you were, standing outside Leonardo's shop, wait
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 184 5
Werewolf!LinkxReader-Midnight Beast Pt.8
"Hey...Hey wake up."
Link groaned a muffled response to the person speaking to him. He was currently laying on the pavement face-down, clothes shredded and eyes tightly squeezed shut. It wasn't until he felt a hand upon his shoulder, did the brunette dare to crack open one of his crystal blue eyes.
At first, his vision was a blur but it slowly cleared as he forced himself to sit up and rub his eyes. He looked around, seeking out the one who had called to him and once he turned around, he found him.
Before him was a boy, kneeling in front of him with his hand still on Link's shoulder and red eyes gazing into his. He furrowed his brows at the strange boy.
"Who are you..?"He asked. The boy looked around.
"There's no time to explain."He grabbed Link's hand and pulled him to his feet though the brunette groaned in protest. Link held his head which throbbed in pain.
What happened? Where was he? He looked around for you but you were nowhere to be found. He looked over himself, wincing when he
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 33 24
Sebastian x Demon Reader: Mingling
:bulletred: :bulletpink: Sebastian x Demon Reader: Mingling :bulletred: :bulletpink: 

He stood in the midst of a hundred humans, all twirling gaily in festive gowns and well-tailored suits, in celebration of the Lover’s Holiday. This figure fit in well amongst the lively throng, though he was clearly different as he moved silently through the crowded gathering.  From his raven hair and evening jacket, to the amused expression and shinning wine red eyes, the man screamed unknown and mysterious. But differing from normal, his presence wasn’t realized by the ecstatic ones around him, save for the young man of fourteen that currently stood at his side looking out of place with a distinguished frown.
The garnet eyed man turned his gaze to regard the boy, giving him his full attention. “Yes, Master?”
“I’m going to go dance with Elizabeth before our meeting with Lau’s liaison about the sh
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 808 163
My Big Hero 6 Groupies by SpyroShurtagul My Big Hero 6 Groupies :iconspyroshurtagul:SpyroShurtagul 10 0
  The bell rang for your fifth hour History class, and you rushed into the classroom just in time with a little sigh and shuffled to your seat. The class was arranged with long tables with three chairs on each side, all aligned in a row. Next to you on your left sat Feliciano, the bubbly auburn Italian, and to your right was Kiku, the reserved black haired and brown eyed Japanese.
  Even though you didn't talk much to either of them, being as shy as you were, you started to develop a little crush on a Kiku a long time ago. Only recently, the seating chart was changed so you sat next to the boy. Sadly, he was shy as well, so he didn't try to start a conversation with you unless it was absolutely necessary and class work related.
  Whenever you tried to say something, you could never get the words out of your throat, so you stopped talking. But today, you were determined to strike up a conversation. Determined.
  You were almost late to cla
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 225 127
JapanxReader ~Valentine's Day in Japan~
  Click click click- Tap... tap... click...
  The sound of your computer, the familiar tapping and clicking of keys and the mouse, was the only thing that could be heard in your bedroom. It was already February 13th, and tomorrow... Valentine's Day. So it was that day again. The day where couples flaunt their love all around you, and like every other day, you have no one to spend it with.
  You were ashamed that you actually wished you could partake in the events of this weird holiday. You wanted to have someone give you a little card with the words 'I love you' on it. Sadly, you really did. Maybe go out to fancy dinner, or watch a movie and cuddle. That's what normal couples did right?
  Well, you had the person in mind that you wanted to do it with as well.. and that was Kiku Honda. He was a shy, Japanese boy with short black hair and chocolate brown eyes, and he has also been your best friend since you met him a few years ago. R
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 108 231
JapanxReader: Birthday Blanket
  It was already the 10th of February, the day before Kiku Honda's birthday, and you weren't at all sure what to get him. You have been giving this a lot of thought over the past few days and still you couldn’t think of anything. Maybe he'd like a manga, but you couldn't think of one he didn't already own that he would like; and yes he has that many. A poster? But where would he have room for it? You racked your brain trying to think of a gift for your long time friend and crush.
  Yep, crush.
  You really loved Kiku. His short black hair, chocolate brown eyes and little japanese accent when he talked drew you in. His love for anime and the fact that he was so polite to you all the time kept you right in his grasp. However, the boy was oblivious to your affection, and you wanted it to stay that way because you were sure he didn't return your feelings. You were his best friend, nothing more.
  But back to the task at hand, a birthday presen
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 142 61
Japan x Reader: Will You Dance With Me?
  "Will you dance with me?"
  It was a voice like honey that pulled you from sitting on the couch, engulfed in your own thoughts to glance up at the person in front of you. It was Kiku Honda, the last person one would ever expect to ask to dance.
  "Kiku, what's up with this? We are just sitting here..." you answered, shifting in your spot on the couch in the quaint little home you shared with the man. He had one pale hand outstretched to you, and slowly he averted his thoughtful brown eyes to be more interested in the wall than in your form..
  "Well, you see, you just seem so distant so I wanted to try something..." The man answered. There it was, that honey voice again, with the cutest Japanese accent. He sounded so innocent and nervous as if he was not sure this was a good thing to be doing.
  You could not help but crack a small smile at his response. Before you knew it, you were standing, as if some force was compelling you to
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 43 10



HEY GUYS SO PLEASE LISTEN UP K!??!?! I really wanna get back into digital art and stuff ok, SO! FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT DRAW DIGITALLY WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND!? I have no idea which is better, Photoshop, or Adobe?
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Hey everybody!
Now honestly I don't know how long I will be here but for now i'm staying
I have a style that is kinda weird and its constantly changing so I hope that won't confuse any one!
Well I go now, I hope you all have a good time here!


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Lalottered Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there! I hear you speak fench and japanese! I'm French, I speak fluent English (and French) and I am trying to learn Japanese... any tips?
animalzamzam Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Haha yeah of course!! The first steps to learning Japanese are kinda different from other languages. My biggest mistake was not learning how to read and understand Kana (japanese writing) instead I tried to jump right into conversations which didn't get me anywhere at all! 
 My biggest tip would be to learn both Hirigana and Katakana as well as possible and then go into conversation, grammar, and vocabulary. Also keep in mind Japanese is completely backwards in comparison to our roman languages so don't expect it to be like learning English!

 I am sorry I wrote so much, my dream is to move to Japan and teach English so I have been learning for a four years now, i'm not fluent but I will be after a few more years! Anyways good luck! Bon chance! がんばろう!
Lalottered Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! It's BONNE chance by the way (because it's "LA chance")

I'll listen to your useful tips! I want to move to Japan myself, but to work in anime and manga.

Thanks again! Merci beaucoup!
DamaiMikaz Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for adding #01 Red [ Sato ] to your collections. I'm happy that you like the piece :la:
animalzamzam Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Oh yes of course! All of your stuff is absolutely amazing 
YeroSenpai Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015
Neat gallery :3
animalzamzam Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Oh thank you :D
YeroSenpai Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015
Do you ever take requests if you aren't busy >.<
animalzamzam Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I do! It takes me a while to upload them due to chronic procrastination but i will gladly do one for you
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